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PS4 HDMI Port Repair Service


Book your console under this fault if you experience any or all of these symptoms:

  • Your machine turns on but has no display output.
  • The console turns on and has a flickering screen.
  • Your HDMI port is visibly damaged/loose.


Due to the sloped angle of the rear of the PS4 machine, many people plug in their HDMI cables without being able to observe what they are doing.  Consequently, it is not uncommon for ports to sustain damage in the process.

If your PS4 Playstation 4 machine has a HDMI/Display output problem/fault it could mean that it powers on but there is no display output or that the screen is flickering.

There could be visible damage to the pins.

Sometimes the screen can intermittently work when ‘wobbling’ the cable.

This repair service is to fix any HDMI port/display issues with the PS4 machine.

This price includes collection and return of your machine to/from any UK destination and includes a 60 Day Warranty.



  • I have no regrets about sending my machine to FMC. My son had over-exuberantly tried to disconnect our machine from the wall outlet and had forgotten to properly disconnect the HDMI cable. As he yanked at the machine to remove it from the side he seriously damaged the pins on the HDMI port. Fix My Console had the machine up and running again in no time. Bravo!

    Peter Mellish
  • My teenager (rushing as always) managed to 'bosh' his PS4 HDMI port in when he brought it back home from his Dad's. It was in a really sorry state. Fix my console replaced it and so far it's been working brilliantly. Thanks :)

    Jane Heath