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PS3 ‘FAT’ YLOD Yellow Light Of Death Reball Repair


Book your console under this fault if you experience any or all of these symptoms:

  • The LED on the front of the PlayStation 3 goes green, flashes yellow, then blinks red.
  • The console makes a succession of bleeping noises. You cannot get the console to power on.
  • You may have found that the PlayStation 3 simply bleeped and switched itself of during game play.


If your PS3 Playstation 3 ‘FAT’ Original machine has the YLOD – Yellow Light Of Death, it will turn on with a beep, flash yellow, then turn off with a blinking red light.  This repair service is to fix this problem.

This is for a reball repair of the Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD) Fault.

This price includes collection and return of your machine to/from any UK destination and includes a 60 Day Warranty.



  • Our Original 80GB PS3 developed the YLOD fault. We looked around online and found a number of repairers offering varied priced repairs. We called Fix My Console who took their time to explain the difference between reball and reflow repairs. We didn't want a temporary repair, or for any cowboys to touch our machine, so opted for a higher-priced 'reball' repair with FMC. Machine is back with us and working great!

    Dana Sharpe
  • Fixed our original backwards compatible 60GB PS3 when it had the YLOD. Excellent service, friendly staff!

    Carrie Mcdonald